[Secret of limited ripening green tea "Tokutoki"]

[Secret of limited ripening green tea "Tokutoki"]

September is almost over

The autumn breeze has started to blow, and the season has come when I miss warm tea.

Today, I would like to tell you about the aged green tea “Toteoki” limited to the founding festival!

Like other Shizuoka teas, Totteoki is made mainly from tea leaves that have been certified as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems. It is a tea leaf made with a manufacturing method that

We carefully select tea leaves that are picked early, have soft leaves, and have a strong umami flavor at the time of new tea.

We carefully selected tea leaves from strong-flavoured farms and high-quality sweet tea leaves, and created a limited-edition green tea by repeating tastings of blended ingredients over and over again.

The goodness of high-grade tea is that the leaves are soft, the flavor is strong, and you can fully enjoy the characteristics of the tea.

The earlier the tea leaves are picked, the smaller the amount of tea leaves, and the higher the price.

As the tea leaves grow under the sunlight, the amount of tea leaves increases, the amount increases, the price decreases, and the tea leaves become harder, so the umami becomes weaker and the elements of bitterness and astringency are reduced. It will increase. This is the basis for evaluating Japanese tea.

With such high-grade tea leaves, which are picked early and have soft leaves, the umami elements of the extracted tea change greatly depending on the temperature of the hot water. When you look at the used tea leaves, you can see the soft green tea leaves at a glance!

To make Totteoki, pour the hot water into a tea cup or cool it down, lower the temperature of the water to about 70 degrees, and allow the tea leaves to ooze out for 40 seconds. Then, after slowly pouring it into the dark green tea, add hot water to dilute the strong tea a little. This is the best way to enjoy the best umami with hot tea! !

"Totteoki" is a tea made from young shoots that tends to be bitter when steeped in hot water.

Yuzamashi changes this characteristic into umami. Actually, depending on the tea leaves, the yuzamashi can be “magic”!

By all means, please take this opportunity to try even one “special” that you can enjoy the charm of authentic tea that can use this “magic”!

If you don't know how to put it in after purchasing, feel free to ask questions at the store, email, LINE, or Twitter! !

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