[Popular green tea `` moment '' tea pack birth story! ]

[Popular green tea `` moment '' tea pack birth story! ]

This time, we will deliver the story of the birth of the premium “Hitotoki” tea pack using the popular green tea “Hitotoki” introduced last time!

In the previous article, I told you about the commitment to the production of the green tea "Hitotoki", but no matter how much attention is paid to the production of the tea leaves, there are some people who say that they do not have a teapot or that they only drink from plastic bottles.

At our farm, we believe that increasing the number of Japanese tea lovers, even if only by one person, can contribute to the production of tea. That's why we created the premium "Hitotoki" tea pack, which uses tea leaves from the popular "Hitotoki" green tea.

We collect the "best powdered tea" produced from the high-grade tea produced at the time of new tea, and combine the tea leaves of "a moment" with the powdered tea.

By manufacturing to the highest quality that the tea flavor is a little too strong, it has become a very popular tea pack as a tea pack that allows you to enjoy the flavor of authentic deep-steamed tea!

Producers often say, "It's a waste to turn such good tea into tea bags!", but we are stubbornly committed to using high-quality tea leaves to create delicious tea bags. This is a manufacturing philosophy that cannot be changed and must be adhered to because we actually manufactured it, had customers experience it, and received a great response.

Since I can't go out this year because of the corona virus, I would like you to feel free to enjoy delicious tea at home. We are here! !

Please take this opportunity to try a tea pack of authentic tea with a strong taste! !

Also, this tea pack is a popular tea, so we will sell it at a bargain price at the founding festival next month!

[Temporary tea pack type]


Pre-orders for the founding festival have also started, so please take this opportunity to try it! !