[Secret of the popular green tea "Hitotoki"]

[Secret of the popular green tea "Hitotoki"]

Today, I would like to tell you about the secret of the popular green tea "Hitotoki"!

Originally from Kakegawa, Shizuoka, our store specializes in Japanese tea.

Green tea "Hitotoki" is manufactured mainly from tea leaves that have been certified as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System. is.

The tea leaves are very fine, and some of our customers ask, "Is this powdered tea?"

Our "special steaming method" cannot be produced unless it is steamed properly at the production level of the farmer. And it can not be produced unless we grow strong tea leaves with thick mesophyll that can bring out the depth of flavor of tea leaves by steaming them well.

And we will finish this tea leaves with our garden original. There is also a finishing method that matches the tea leaves, and here it is necessary to judge the tea leaves according to the weather conditions of each year and adjust the finish.

Basically, this process is done with all tea leaves, but green tea "Hitotoki" is manufactured in tea leaf type and tea pack type, and many customers are pleased. We have refined the process.

It is the No. 1 popular tea leaf that is appreciated by customers who want to enjoy the power of tea leaves that can be tasted for three times, with a strong flavor and soft sweetness! !

In this way, at our farm, we deliver original teas that take advantage of the characteristics of each farmer in the production area. If you have any preferences, feel free to ask questions at the store, by email, on LINE, or on Twitter! !

And this time we introduced

What is green tea “hitoki”? You can taste it at a special price at the founding festival!

[Moment tea leaf type]


[Temporary tea pack type]


Pre-orders for the founding festival have also started, so please take this opportunity to try it! !