Shunpo Tea Garden's tea is completely taste-oriented .

At our tea garden, we are not particular about the shape or appearance of the tea leaves , but rather focus on the taste oriented, "creating deliciousness" , and thoroughly manufacturing original Japanese tea.

The history of our garden began when my great-grandfather Yoshitaro Goto and my grandfather Shunichi Goto, who were both born in Kakegawa, Shizuoka, created a good relationship with Japanese tea and pursued the deliciousness of deep-steamed green tea.

My great-grandfather traveled around the production areas and accumulated originality and ingenuity to make deep-steamed tea delicious, and my father, Takeshi Goto, has also accumulated history.

In order to deliver "Japanese tea that allows you to enjoy the blessings of the sun and the earth", we visit production areas all over the country every year, repeat tastings, and deliver original Japanese tea.
Japanese tea tasting

“Passion x Effort x Good Match = Creation of Taste”

And every year, we visited production areas and producers we had never purchased from before, and conveyed our ideas and thoughts.

This is because a deep relationship with the producer is essential to create deliciousness.

Today, we have good connections with major producers in Shizuoka, Kagoshima, Kyoto, Aichi, and Fukuoka, and are able to make tea.

There are limits to what one person can do. In order to "create deliciousness", we have received cooperation from many producers and continue to take on challenges.
"Tea is not to be seen, it is to be drunk!"
"I want everyone to drink cheaper and tastier tea."
With that thought in mind, I have reached the present.

Production area tour

Shunpo Tea Garden's tea pursues softness,
The tea is powdery and looks rough.
But when you drink it, it's a tea-like tea with a firm taste.

Please try it once.
You should be able to feel the deliciousness of Japanese tea.

Introducing our efforts to deliver delicious tea!

Japanese tea tasting

Continuous pursuit of tasting to create delicious tea

The owner himself visits the tea-producing areas and repeatedly tastes the tea leaves to carefully select which tea leaves are the most delicious on the day they were picked.

production farm

Reasons for cherishing farmers and pursuing delicious tea

Shunpo tea garden's tea is made by working together with the region and producers to bring out the natural taste of tea.

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