I want to enjoy authentic tea with easy and delicious tea packs!

>How to choose Japanese tea and green tea at Shunpochaen

delicious with tea bags
I want to taste authentic tea!

For those who want to enjoy simple and delicious Japanese tea

When do you feel like drinking delicious Japanese tea?

When you see a green tea commercial in a plastic bottle and think, "It looks delicious," or when you get a delicious-looking daifuku, you'll think, "Well, to enjoy this daifuku at its best, Japanese tea is the best." Or when you meet your parents or grandparents for the first time in a while and drink tea with them, "Are you feeling well? Well, let's have some tea."

I think there are scenes and moments when you think, “Japanese tea is delicious!” in various scenes.

A common story among our customers is, "When my daughter comes home, she takes most of the Japanese tea we have at home..." with a smile on her face. masu (happy)

smiling wife

The harsh reality is that not everyone is blessed with such a privileged environment.

And when you want to drink delicious Japanese tea, you often think, "Oh, I don't have a teapot or pot. I don't know how to make it."
And there are many people who are satisfied with PET bottles (sorry...)

Feel the urge to drink delicious Japanese tea

"When you find a cool or cute person"
"When I met a wonderful movie or music"
"When you are moved by a beautiful starry sky or sunset"

I want you to capture it as an emotion as important as it is! ! (smile)

And how about starting with a tea pack without thinking too hard?

That is the first step to enjoy the wonderful and delicious tea from our garden!

↓There is also a video on how to make it, but if you use our tea bags, you can enjoy delicious Japanese tea by adding hot water and making it darker!

[I want to taste Japanese tea in earnest with a tea pack] List

Recommended tea pack NO.1
Web only!
Bulk purchase set including shipping Tea bag drinking comparison with string
・Anyone can easily enjoy delicious Japanese tea!

A set of the most popular sencha "Hitotoki" tea pack, genmaicha with matcha made from carefully selected tea leaves, and a tea pack with a string of hojicha!

《Click here for products related to stringed tea bags》 

Recommended tea pack NO.2
Decaffeinated Cold Brew Green Tea Pack
Shizuoka & Fukuoka Yame production area drinking comparison set

・Cold brewed green tea is recommended!

You can enjoy delicious Japanese tea with cold or hot water. If you are drinking a plastic bottle, please try it once!

《Click here for cold brew green tea related products》

Recommended tea pack NO.3
Web only!
Bulk purchase set including shipping [Shizuoka product] Momidashi thick tea bag 《Sencha・Hojicha・Genmaicha with matcha》Set ​​of 3 with 20P
・Anyone can easily enjoy delicious Japanese tea!

You can taste it with hot water or water and drink a lot! Enjoy delicious Japanese tea in tea bags for 25 yen for 500ml!

[I want to taste Japanese tea in earnest with a tea pack] List