[Tea Information Public Relations Magazine "Shunpo Tea Healing Time VOL.02]

Healing Time VOL.02

[Information public relations magazine for tea at Shumpoo Tea]

"How to enjoy the fresh tea at Shumpoo Chaen"

~ What is new tea? ~
Chiran tea plantation

"Tea to enjoy the season"

~ What is new tea? ~
Chiran tea plantation
Ladies and gentlemen, do you know new tea?

Shincha refers to the 1st bancha that is picked mainly in Shizuoka and Kagoshima from early April to mid-May.
This first bancha is an important time to carefully select the most delicious tea leaves.
It's the best time to taste freshly picked!

For wine, the Beaujolais Nouveau ban is lifted in November, but for Japanese tea, the ban is lifted in April and May for new tea.
It's the time of new tea when you can taste the difference in production areas, varieties, and characteristics of tea shops with freshly picked "season"!
~Travel to find your own taste~
Shizuoka tea plantation
Ladies and gentlemen, is it difficult to brew tea with tea leaves? I find it really difficult too.
However, what makes it difficult is the desire to brew delicious tea. However, as mentioned above, tea leaves differ in their production areas, varieties, and characteristics of tea shops.
That is why the most important
"Taste it the way you like it, the way you like it"
That's what it is! !
At the time of new tea, I taste more than 300 new teas and make our original tea.
(picture below)
Tasting scenery
There are times when the tea that tasted good until yesterday doesn't taste as good the next day under the same conditions.
That's why it's really difficult to enjoy tea. However, if you think about it carefully, it is natural that no two teas are the same because they are grown with the blessings of the sun, rain and soil. is now possible.
so I
"Pursuing deliciousness to the limit"
"Making tea that makes customers smile"
I decided to repeat the tasting with the most important.
And finally, I came to think that it is important to "taste what you like and how you like it" .

~ Let's go on a trip to experience the fresh tea together! ~

Fukuoka Yame tea plantation
At our company, we have various preparations so that everyone from tea beginners to advanced users can enjoy the world of Japanese tea.
For those who are new to tea, there is the Shunpo Cafe where you can actually experience Shizuoka, Kagoshima, and Fukuoka Yame tea at the shop.
Intermediate users can enjoy tea in various ways, such as tea bags and sweets made with tea.
For advanced users, we will introduce teapots and pots that are suitable for tea, introduce tea for important customers and special occasions, and give a lecture on how to brew the tea.
and whoever
We will help you to "taste what you like and how you like it" !

"Let's enjoy fresh tea at the Shunpo Chaen!!"

~Shunpo Cafe for Beginners~

shunpou cafe menu

When you come to the store, you will see the menu of the Shunpo Cafe on your right. While looking at it, if you go inside the store, you will see the cafe menu in front of the cash register.

Therefore, we recommend the rich matcha soft serve and selectable tea set as an experience menu!

Rich matcha ice cream allows you to experience the deliciousness of tea, the deliciousness of soft, and the Totsuka brand certified “Chacha Cookie” together.

Experience tea with different characteristics of production areas and varieties with a tea set that you can choose to match!

~Intermediate Tea Bag & Sweets~
tea bags and sweets
Various tea bags and seasonal sweets are available at the store! You can feel free to purchase without going to the back of the store.
Depending on the quality of the tea in the tea bag, the taste will be different. I'm happy to have tea and delicious sweets again!
For users
"If you have time, would you like a cup of tea?"
We will put the recommended tea at that time, so please experience it!
~ Advanced level tea leaves & teapot ~

Direct sales tea leaves
For customers who want to have the best tea experience of tasting tea at home, we have various varieties of Shizuoka, Kagoshima, Fukuoka Yame, from 300 yen to 3,000 yen for 100g.
And when, with whom, and how to enjoy it are the most important points, and we will propose delicious tea!
We will also combine gifts for important people according to your request.
We are looking forward to your visit! !
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