How to make delicious iced tea

How to make delicious iced rock tea / cold tea

Anyone can do it! How to make delicious ice rock tea/cold tea (for 3 people)

How about having green tea cold in the hot season? It's a quick and easy way to put it in.
The taste is much different from tea in a plastic bottle, so it is perfect for entertaining.

Prepare a glass vessel

First, prepare a glass vessel.

glass vessel

*If you serve iced tea to your customers, we think that you will feel a colder and more delicious atmosphere if you prepare a glass vessel like this.

The delicious way to make iced tea is an application of "How to brew green tea" .

However, in the case of cold tea, we recommend using a separate yuzamashi instead of a vessel to measure the hot water.
(Especially if you use a glass vessel, it will get hot easily and is dangerous, and if you add ice later, it will melt quickly, so we do not recommend it.)

As a point when adding hot water to the yuzamashi, you usually add a little more hot water than you drink, but in the case of cold tea,

Please make it about 60% of the drinking vessel. (The ice will melt, so it will just get better.)

Therefore, it is a good idea to check in advance how much the amount of hot water for 3 cups will be in your Yuzamashi.

Pot (a teapot for making tea)

Next, this time it will be for 3 people, so put about 6g of tea leaves in the teapot . And I will pour the hot water that I put in the vessel.
The brewing time is 10 to 15 seconds for Shunpo tea garden tea. Let's wait while turning the pot (teapot) a little.
The point is to extract slowly and darkly while watching the color of the tea .

Brew tea in a teapot

*Cold tea has a weak aroma and taste, so it tastes better if you put it in a strong eye.

Prepare hot water only (add ice)

Add more ice to the vessel.

add ice

How to pour

It is important to pour the tea evenly over the entire vessel and slowly melt the ice .
Instead of pouring it all at once, pour it in several batches so that the amount of tea and the concentration of the tea are evenly distributed among the three bowls. (This is called turning and pouring. This is also an important point for brewing delicious tea.)

How to pour cold tea 1 How to pour cold tea 2 How to pour cold tea 3
How to pour cold tea 4 How to pour cold tea 5 How to pour cold tea 6
How to pour cold tea 7 How to pour cold tea 8

The ice melts and the tea becomes thinner, so it's important to make the tea stronger than usual!
Also, pour it down to the last drop by turning it over.

The rich sweetness and savory taste are served with hot water, so you can enjoy it even when it's cold.

Cold tea is served with hot water, so it has less bitterness and astringency.
We recommend that you treat yourself with high-quality, sweet tea.

Slowly bring it out to dark eyes and treat yourself with a full-fledged cold tea.
Everyone's delicious smiles come to mind (^.^)! !

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