[Tea information public relations magazine "Shunpo Tea Healing Time VOL.01]

Healing Time VOL.01

[Information public relations magazine for tea at Shumpoo Tea]

"Tea you can't be ashamed of" ~ Beat hay fever! ~

Spring Teaching Healing Time January-February 2020

"Tea you can't be ashamed of"

-Kill hay fever! ~
Spring Chauen Benifuuki Methylated catechin can be extracted well by brewing Benifuuki with hot water.

Do you know the Benifuuki variety?
The Benifuuki variety contains a large amount of catechins known as methylated catechins, which have the effect of relieving allergic symptoms.

I'm allergic to cedar, so I've been drinking it every day since February!
Benifuuki must be extracted with hot water over 90°C, or the methylated catechins will not come out properly, so please brew it with hot water!
Children can add milk or water after extraction and drink!

And, in fact, it is said that there is something a little different about the Shunpochaen no Benifuuki! !

Why? There were three reasons! !

1 Finely powdered Fuuki in a fresh and high-quality pan directly from Shizuoka Kakegawa producer!

2. Manufactured in individual packaging so that you can drink it fresh!

3 I drink it because it's delicious as a normal tea! Recognize the results and effects!

*More than 50,000 bags are sold annually, and the number of repeaters is increasing! ! Like the shopkeeper

*Voice of repeater

I have been taking Benifuuki for seven years. I used to take hospital medicines with me
If I didn't take it, my hay fever was severe, but after using Benifuuki
The symptoms are mild, and depending on the year, you may not need to take medicine.
I was. My child also has hay fever, so I drink it together.
[Housewives in their 40s and children]

This time of year, I drink "Benifuuki" every day without fail. Benifuuki is not a medicine, so I take it together with medicine when I have a hard time with pollen. When I go out, I wear a mask, and even when there is a lot of pollen, my runny nose no longer drips naturally.
[Male in his 40s]

"Tea Sweets Diary"

~ A wonderful tea time with chacha chocolate ~

Chacha chocolate from the Shunpochaen

[At tea time talk]

・Every shopkeeper
Everyone, I really like tea, matcha, and almond and nut sweets.
Do you know that they are compatible?
Chacha chocolate is very popular, but actually the almonds inside are big,
It's delicious and goes perfectly with our tea! !

That's right ~ I always try it (smiling)

・Every shopkeeper
Bean sweets are used as dried sweets at tea ceremonies. Ah, now I want to drink matcha!

The president's tea addiction is a disease, isn't it?
It's okay! This is the perfect Valentine's chocolate for the president! ! (Laughter)

"Welcome to Shumpou Cafe!"

~ What is a shunpo soy latte? ~

Soy latte from the spring house
We have been selling original soy latte menu since the end of October 2019.
We asked Iwami, the staff who created the recipe in the center!

1 What was the hardest part?
I changed the amount of matcha and hojicha tea over and over again, repeated tastings, and compared drinks with the staff. After repeated tastings by myself, all the staff did a test. was both fun and challenging! but
There were quite a few times when I was depressed, saying, “Everyone says what they want to say~” (laughs)

2 What are you most particular about?
After all, it is a Japanese tea specialty store, so I focused on how to make a latte that makes the most of the deliciousness of real tea. We all said that if it was more delicious to drink simply as tea, there was no point in making it into a latte, so inevitably the hurdles for deliciousness became higher.

3 You said you wanted to create a boom! !
That's right! I think there was a tapioca boom, but our rich matcha ice cream, this soy latte, and freshly roasted hojicha are so delicious that they could be a boom! I also update our company's Instagram and blog, so I hope that the number of people who like tea will increase from the Shunpo Cafe, and that our company will be a catalyst for a wonderful lifestyle with tea. I want to make !

*Our Shumpou Café is a café where you can experience Mogami Sencha from Shizuoka, Kagoshima, and Yame, and authentic matcha from Kyoto and Nishio, Aichi, for a fee. In addition, the rich matcha ice cream using freshly squeezed milk from local Ono Farm, the rich matcha soft anmitsu parfait, the rich matcha soft float, and the soy latte introduced this time are also popular! ! Please feel free to visit the Japanese tea cafe "Shunpo Cafe" in Totsuka, Yokohama for an authentic tea experience! !

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