How to make delicious powdered tea

I want to taste powdered tea deliciously!

How to make delicious powdered tea

Customers often ask, "Do you have powdered tea?"
At that time, we confirm whether it is powdered tea that does not leave used tea leaves.
Approximately 90% of customers are looking for powdered tea, and 10% are looking for "konacha" that can be put in a teapot or pot.

Pouring powdered tea with a bamboo whisk
Powdered tea allows you to taste all the components of the tea leaves, is good for your health, and does not produce used tea leaves. This time I will introduce how to put it in with a muddler!

PS: For ice, put ice and water in your own bottle and shake!
You can enjoy delicious tea! Please try! !

How to brew hot powdered tea

These days, you can find simple tea whisks and stainless steel stirrers at 100-yen shops and general stores.
Let's use an easy-to-care stainless steel stirrer to make powdered tea easier to enjoy!

powdered tea muddler edition

Stir the tea with a muddler.

Our powdered tea is pure tea powder without any other additives, so it is very strong. About 0.5g makes about 250ml of strong tea.

Add Matcha 1 (Muddler Edition)

Pouring hot water (Muddler version)

Making Matcha (Muddler Edition)

Complete! !

Completion (Muddler Edition)

Powdered tea has the advantage that you can enjoy the whole tea ingredients and that there is no used tea leaves.

Our powdered tea is powdered from purely carefully selected tea leaves, so you can enjoy a rich flavor. However, over time, dietary fiber will precipitate. However, this is the form of pure tea leaves, so we recommend drinking it as soon as possible. Recommended! !

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