[I was able to finish the founding festival of the 42th year! ]

[I was able to finish the founding festival of the 42th year! ]

Thanks to many customers and friends, we were able to finish the founding festival.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I feel relieved because everyone has been preparing since the middle of August.

Customers who couldn't receive the limited tea "Totteoki" and "Limited Sweets Set" because they were sold out early, and customers who couldn't use the festival because they couldn't clearly communicate the period of the festival and the reservation period. We will improve what you said as an issue for next year.

We believe that "increasing the number of people who like Japanese tea" is the most important thing, and as a result, more people will enjoy Japanese tea, and we believe that it will lead to the contribution of producers.

For that reason, we believe that it is important to create delicious tea bags and propose new ways to enjoy Japanese tea so that even beginners of Japanese tea can enjoy it.

The reason why the recommended products for the founding festival are different every year is because we want you to experience various teas and various teas.

In fact, in parallel with the founding festival, we are also preparing for a limited winter project!

We have a new project, so please enjoy it! !

Thank you always so much! !