[Delicious tea with the name ``Taikoban? Taikoban!''! ! ]

[Recommended tea with the name "Delicious Taikoban? Taikoban!" ! ]

There is a green tea called "Taikoban" in our garden.

The origin of this naming is the customer

"This tea tastes better than the one I bought at a department store for 1,500 yen! It's delicious!" This is the beginning.

After that, we started naming it as “Taikobancha”, and over time it became “Taikoban”.

Our farm is originally from Kakegawa, Shizuoka, but we have deep ties with producers in Kakegawa, Kikugawa, and Makinohara in the western part of Shizuoka. production area.
This deep-steamed green tea is the product of our careful selection of producers in the area, which is the largest producer of deep-steamed green tea, and repeated tastings every year.

Regarding "Taikoban", it is a tea that is produced by carefully selecting tea leaves around "Kakegawa Nissaka/Yasaka" and "Kikugawa Kamiya Castle". Because there are many fields in valleys between mountains, there are many producers who do not produce much, but there are many producers who have the taste that I really like.

"Taikoban" has a strong flavor and can be extracted many times. We want you to drink tea with umami at an affordable price. We will deliver it in the condition of

* “Aracha” refers to tea leaves that have been picked, kneaded, and dried by the producer.

Every year, while talking with the manufacturing producers, I repeat communication and improvements such as "I like tea leaves here", "This producer has a bit of bitterness", and I have grown up with "Taikoban". "That's it! !

Please take this opportunity to taste it! ! It is a recommended tea that you can fully enjoy the deliciousness of "deep steamed green tea"! !