[Selected from the beach every year! About Ariake Ichiban-yaki seaweed]

[Selected from the beach every year! About Ariake Ichiban-yaki seaweed]

This time, we would like to introduce Ariake roasted seaweed, which is always very popular at the founding festival.

Seaweed production areas include Ariake, Setouchi, Ise, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, and Sendai.

At our farm, we taste seaweed from many production areas every year and deliver carefully selected seaweed to everyone, just like tea.

And the most thorough tasting is "Ariake seaweed", which is a major production area.

Ariake seaweed is also different from Saga, Fukuoka, and Kumamoto. Among them, the fishermen's cooperatives differ depending on the location of the beach, and the characteristics of the seaweed are clearly different even in neighboring fishermen's cooperatives.

The diagram below shows the divisions of the Ariake Sea Fisheries Cooperative in Saga Prefecture, but it is really finely divided, and the quality of the seaweed is affected by the sea conditions of the year. is.

And the Ariake nori that we deliver to everyone at our farm is only dealing with the earliest and softest nori called "autumn bud" and the best nori in winter.

We carefully select and deliver the best seaweed from the beach, so it becomes Ariake Nori that has been carefully selected and carefully selected! !

And there is one more important thing.

That is, if the seaweed is "crisp and has a strong flavor of seaweed", it doesn't stick to the brand of the beach.

There is a market for nori seaweed, just like there is for fish, and we purchase it by bidding. Speaking of fish, there is actually a seaweed brand like the Oma tuna that everyone knows. The quality of such seaweed is high, but the evaluation and price are also high. It is very important and important to increase the value of Ariake Nori.

However, I would like to deliver seaweed to everyone that makes them want to eat seaweed every day and fall in love with it. That's why we always try new seaweed, and if we think it's good seaweed, we buy seaweed even if it's not from a famous beach, and we want to deliver seaweed that you can eat deliciously every day as much as possible! !

There are only a few types of seaweed that we handle, but when purchasing, we insist that we want as much seaweed from this beach as possible, and we ask that you secure as much as possible and sell it so as not to run out of stock as much as possible for one year. However, it is the appearance of the roasted seaweed of our garden.

All seaweed is really delicious and recommended, but the seaweed that we will deliver at the foundation festival this time is the best from Yanagawa, Fukuoka!

Please take this opportunity to taste the “umami-rich Ariake-yaki seaweed”! !

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