[About Kagoshima Chiran Covered Tea Yutaka Midori]

This time, we would like to introduce “Kabusecha Yutaka Midori” produced in Chiran, Kagoshima, a famous tea producing area!

Kagoshima, along with Shizuoka, is one of the world's great tea-producing regions, and takes advantage of its warm climate to produce early-maturing varieties. The main feature is that most of the tea is covered and manufactured using the "covering method".

Among them, the producers of Osumi Peninsula and Chiran, Ei, and Kawabe of Satsuma Peninsula are particularly fond of our garden.

The characteristics of the “Yutakamidori” variety are that the color of the tea is beautiful, and you can enjoy the aroma and sweetness of the unique variety.

Every year, we go to the Kagoshima tea market to purchase carefully selected tea leaves from excellent producers of Yutaka Midori.

We introduced it as a recommended tea at this founding festival!

Please try it at the founding festival! !

[Kagoshima Chiran Kabuse tea Yutaka Midori]

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Pre-orders for the founding festival have also started, so please take this opportunity to try it! !