Nearly 80% of Japanese tea is Yabukita variety!

At present, nearly 80% of the Japanese tea produced in Japan is of the “cultivar” named “Yabukita”.

It is often called "Yabukita tea", but there are varieties of tea like rice, and many producers produce "Yabukita variety" all over the country.
Therefore, whether you like tea or not, it may actually be "Yabukita tea".

So why are there so many different tastes for the same variety?

Because the taste of tea is created by the climate of the land.
Even if the same Yabukita variety is grown in Shizuoka, the taste will be greatly different in Yame, Fukuoka, depending on the soil and climate.

Two major production areas of Japanese tea: Shizuoka and Kagoshima, fragrant Fukuoka Yame

The two major production areas of Japanese tea are Shizuoka Prefecture and Kagoshima Prefecture. About 40% of the total is produced in Shizuoka Prefecture, and nearly 40% in Kagoshima Prefecture by 2021. And although the production volume is small, the fragrant tea from Fukuoka Yame is produced as an original tea at our garden.

Nearly 80% of Shizuoka Prefecture produces the Yabukita variety. And as a feature of the production method, "outdoor cultivation" is the center.

Kagoshima Kabuse cultivation Shizuoka outdoor cultivation
Fukuoka Yame Kabuse Cultivation

Kagoshima Prefecture produces 50% of the Yabukita variety, followed by other varieties such as Yutakamidori, Saemidori, and Asatsuyu. Yame is the No. 1 production area for gyokuro, so Kabusecha is the main product.

Even if the variety is the same, the taste of the tea is different between “outdoor cultivation” and “covered cultivation”.
There are also differences in the way tea is made in each production area, and the taste is also different.

It is recommended to actually drink and compare the characteristics of the taste of each production area.
Which production area is "Yabukita tea"? Or, which production area is the tea other than the Yabukita variety?
Try different flavors and find out what you like.
At our garden, you can actually compare drinks at the “Shunpo Cafe” .

Please visit us and let us know your preferences, and we will find the tea that suits your taste together!
Exploring your favorite Japanese tea is one of the important charms of enjoying Japanese tea!

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