How to choose delicious tea [Knowledge]

How to choose delicious tea [Knowledge]

Japanese tea knowledge

I will teach you about Japanese tea that is familiar but surprisingly unknown!

Recently, Japanese tea has become known in the United States, Europe, and even abroad. We Japanese are familiar with tea, but it seems that there are some things that are surprisingly unknown. Therefore, in this corner, I would like to tell you about various things about Japanese tea.

Japanese tea knowledge

What is Japanese tea?

What is the Yabukita variety? What is the difference between production areas? Click here for details

Nearly 80% of Japanese tea is the Yabukita variety. However, the taste is completely different due to the difference in the same breed and production area. why?

Fresh tea Q&A

Fresh tea Q&A Click here for details

I will explain the unknown "mystery" of fresh tea in an easy-to-understand manner!

type of tea

kind of tea Click here for details

There are three types of tea. They are categorized according to how the oxidizing enzymes in the tea leaves work in the pre-manufacturing stage (differences in processing methods).

Deep steamed tea nutrition

Deep steamed tea nutrition Click here for details

Deep steamed tea is not only delicious, but it is also known to be more nutritious than regular tea. Here, we will tell you about the birth and history of deep steamed tea, and nutrition.

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