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A Japanese tea specialty store with a physical store in Sakura Totsuka, Totsuka, Yokohama.
Production and processing of original Japanese tea from production farms and direct sales from the production area
We are selling.
Special event sales mainly in Totsuka, Yokohama
We are doing a [pop-up store]! !

We will tell you about the schedule of special event sales.
September 26th (Sun) to September 28th (Tue), 2021 Aeon Honmoku store

[Past events]

[End] June 27th (Sun) to June 29th (Tue), 2021 Aeon Honmoku store [End] Sunday, March 28, 2021 to Tuesday, March 30, 2021 Aeon Honmoku store
[End] February 5th (Friday) to February 7th (Sunday), 2021 Sotetsu Rosen Konandai store
[End] January 16th (Thursday) to January 19th (Sunday), 2020 Konandai Bath
[End] January 23 (Thursday) to January 26 (Sunday), 2020 Yamato Aeon

[End] January 23 (Sat)-January 26 (Tue), 2021 Aeon Honmoku store
[End] June 5th (Wednesday) to June 9th (Sunday), 2019 Modi Totsuka store
[Finished] June 23 (Sun) to June 25 (Tue), 2019 Aeon Honmoku
[End] July 17th (Wednesday) to July 20th (Saturday), 2019 Modi Totsuka store
[End] August 8th (Thursday) to August 11th (Sunday), 2019 Modi Totsuka store
[End] August 25th (Sun) to August 27th (Tue), 2019 Aeon Honmoku store
[End] September 6th (Friday) to September 8th (Sunday), 2019 Aeon Yamato store
[End] October 25th (Friday) to October 27th (Sunday), 2019 Konandai Bath

We have an assortment of popular teas and sweets.
Items purchased on the web or in stores that you would like to purchase during the event period
If you have any questions, please contact us and we will bring them to the event sales store.
Please contact us.
◎Contact information

〒244-0003 Kanagawa Prefecture Yokohama City Totsuka Ward Totsukacho 4253-1 Sakuras Totsuka 1F

Shunpo Chaen Co., Ltd. To Goto
TEL 0120-05-6661

Shunpo Tea Garden | Q&A at Shunpo Chaen