How about a summer gift?


In the middle of the rainy season, the humid days continue,

It's already July, isn't it?

The hot summer is finally here! ! !

A fun summer vacation is about to begin!

The shop will also change to summer mode!

During this period, we also accept orders for gifts such as mid-year gifts and souvenirs for returning home.

It's getting more.

Our summer catalog is now complete!

We are also showing you on the HP ♪
Please take a look! !

Go to “Shunho Tea Garden Summer Gift”! !

Recommendation here...

After all, the most popular cold tea is cold brew...

I will introduce you again and again! !

"Hamakaze"! ! !

Hamakaze 200g

↑200g tea leaf type 1080 yen (tax included)

Really, it's completely different from plastic bottles!

It's best to drink rather than explain!

If you drink tea in a plastic bottle, be sure to try Shunpo Tea Garden's "Hamakaze".

Try it!

For summer gifts...

Here! ! !

“Hamakaze” filter-in bottle set

↑Hamakaze filter-in bottle set 3,024 yen (tax included)

Hamakaze and filter-in bottle set! ! !

There is no doubt that it will be a great item to receive!

If you are worried about gifts, we definitely recommend it.

↓ Just mix the tea leaves and water in the bottle like this!
“Hamakaze” filter-in bottle set

The appearance is also stylish, and there are many bottle colors ♪

Please visit us to find summer gifts and your favorite tea!

We are looking forward to your visit ♪