I received a happy word from a customer! !

I received this message from a customer the other day.

“I tried it after I got home, and I was honestly surprised at how delicious it was. It tastes like the tea I used to drink as a child.

Recently, there have been a lot of teas that don't come out right away, so I had to replace the tea leaves right away, but this one is fine. I will ask again.

The cookies were delicious too. ^-^ 』

Hearing customer feedback like this makes me really happy!

When I drank our tea for the first time, I remember thinking "tea is so delicious".

I felt once again that we will continue to value the voices of our customers and do our best so that everyone can drink delicious tea.

Thank you, UA! ! Please come again.

All the staff are waiting for you! ! Staff Sano