Thank you for your feedback! !

"I'm studying tea a little.

When I go to a shop, I look forward to not only the tea, but also the sweets that go well with the tea, and the tea utensils.

It would be nice if this store could do a lot better.

I love the fun and enjoyment of using tea bowls in everyday life.

In the past, there were few things to drink other than tea, and it was an era when there were not many juices.

There are too many things right now.

Even if the way of drinking is different from the old days, is it going back to the origin again?

It's a good life to drink tea from a young age without worrying about the shape. Anonymous request

Thank you for your kind words! !

From now on, I would like to continue to provide everyone with tea that is particular about its taste, regardless of its shape.

In addition, at our shop, not only tea, but also tea to enjoy

We also sell sweets and pottery that go well with tea.

As it is only the thing which is pleased with to a present very much,

Please stop by when you are in the area. Staff Sano