Normal business from today! !

August is already half over. Time goes by so fast...

Shunho Tea Garden is open as usual from today after the Obon holiday.

When I talk about my Obon holiday...

I was able to return home safely (see my blog on August 14th), and it was only for one day.

I had a relaxing time.

The day before I went back to my parents' house, I said, "I'll be back there tomorrow. Then I'll stay overnight and then go home."

The next day, my grandmother took me out to eat, and I enjoyed the luxury (laughs).

This morning, before going to work, I still felt like I hadn't lost my rest, but when I saw the customer's face,

I woke up when I heard your voice (laughs).

From today onwards, I want to brace myself and work hard again.

Thank you very much. Shunpo Tea Garden Sano