Cold summer cold tea is now on sale! !

Ladies and gentlemen, full-fledged summer has arrived!

The hotter the summer, the more I am very pleased! !

Shunpo tea garden's special cold brew cold tea! !

The secret behind Shunpo Tea Garden's cold brew cold tea

Part 1: You can drink delicious tea that comes out easily and has a very strong taste! !

Cold brewed cold tea "Hamakaze" and cold brewed tea bags can be kneaded to create a very easy and delicious tea with a strong flavor.

can be extracted. The tea bag is a triangular tetra pack!

You can drink it for about 25 yen per 2500ml! !

We carefully select tea leaves that can extract about 500ml with 5g, so 500ml when calculated in grams.

For about 25 yen per person, you can drink delicious cold brewed tea! Very economical! !

Part 3 Right now, it's a great deal during the glass pot gift campaign until August 14th! !

Please spend a fun summer vacation with cold and delicious cold tea this summer! !

Cold Brew Cold Tea Hamakaze (Tea Leaf Type) Cold Brew Cold Tea Tea Bag