Shumpou Cafe has reopened and a new menu is ready!

We have a new menu for shunpou cafe!

The Shunpo Cafe, which was closed, has resumed! It will be takeout only, but you can enjoy the popular matcha soft serve ice cream. And oh my God! At the same time, sales of the new menu have started♪♪♪

"Cream Matcha Frozen Tea" and "Cream Hojicha Frozen Tea" ! Based on the popular soy latte, it's a moderately sweet frozen drink that's perfect for hot summer days! The combination of the cold, crisp texture of the ice and the cream on top is outstanding. First, enjoy ice cream, and when it melts a little, mix it with cream and drink it for the best taste!

It looks like it's going to be hot this summer... The days when I can't let my guard down still continue, A cool, refreshing drink to enjoy while shopping! ! ! Frozen tea perfect for hot days♪♪♪ Please try!

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