The popularity of Shumpou Cafe is soaring! What is Fluffy Hojicha Soy Latte?

Fluffy Hojicha Soy Latte

Now, the popularity of Shumpou Cafe is soaring! ! "Fluffy Hojicha Soy Latte" using our specialty freshly roasted Hojicha Have you tried it yet?

We use "Kahori", a fragrant roasted tea that is carefully roasted in the shop's hoji machine.

Hojicha is carefully extracted in a teapot after receiving an order. Pour fluffy soy foam on top... What an exquisite harmony when you mix and drink ♪ Slightly sweet, we are making it with modest sweetness!

How about a "Fluffy Hojicha Soy Latte" at the Shunpou Cafe this weekend?

There are iced and hot, but it's getting a little warmer, so iced is recommended ♪

We are looking forward to your visit!