We have a new menu at the shunpo cafe!

New menu [Fluffy Soy Latte] has appeared! !

A long-awaited new menu has appeared at the popular matcha ice cream! A fluffy and cute cafe menu that is perfect for this season ♪

Its name is... "Fluffy Soy Latte"

3 flavors! Freshly roasted fragrant hojicha ( roasted green tea), authentic tea ceremony matcha made with a tea whisk, 3 types of domestic black oolong tea !

We use popular products that are sold at the store for all flavors of tea, so we are confident in the taste ♪♪♪

The fluffy, slightly sweet soy milk foam goes perfectly with any kind of tea. Soy milk has no habit and is very easy to drink! We have hot and iced drinks available, so please compare them according to your taste!

I hope it will become a menu that everyone will love for a long time♪ Please try once! !

We are looking forward to your visit.