Japanese tea cafe! The information page for the Shunpo Chaen Cafe is now available♪


It's getting cooler and autumn is coming.

Slowly while feeling the season...

Don't you feel like spending time calmly with tea and sweets? ?

When it's like that! !

Please stop by our popular Japanese tea cafe "Shunpo Cafe"

And this time, we have a page that posted the menu on the homepage!

Please click and take a look!

When you want to take a break, cafe time with friends, etc...

We have various menus!

The number of seats is small and it is a little narrower than a full-fledged cafe shop,

The quality of the tea and the taste of the sweets are genuine gems♪♪

We are currently developing a long-awaited new menu! ! !

Please look forward to it♪

We are looking forward to your visit! ! !