Haruyoshi Magokoro newspaper response

On September 13th, we inserted the Haruyoshi Magokoro Shimbun only in Totsuka Town!

We don't do much about it, but we want as many people as possible to enjoy delicious tea.

From now on, it will be cooler and warm tea will be very delicious.

We have inserted this information to let you know that Totsuka also has a delicious Japanese tea specialty store.

As a result of yesterday, there were a lot of people who had flyers.

And I was able to talk with customers, and I was able to feel the expectations of those who want to drink delicious tea. From now on, it's tea time! !

"Shunho Tea Garden" has delicious and safe Japanese tea! !

We welcome orders at our store, online store, or by phone.

Please try the tea from Shunho Tea Garden once! !

thank you. Manager Goto