Recommended for New Year's Eve!

It is Christmas soon.

Even if you walk outside, there are Christmas decorations in various places, and it feels lively.

The Shunpo tea garden is really small, but today I decorated it for Christmas.

Decorating like this makes me feel like the end of the year is finally here.

What kind of Christmas are you planning to spend?

From Shunho tea garden, we introduce recommended tea for Christmas.

Shunho's No. 1 popular sencha "Hitotoki" is seasonal tea "Haku no Hana" with pure gold leaf.

Some people may think, "Japanese tea for Christmas?!"

It's nice to have a drink when you're in a happy mood for the new year.

And speaking of New Year, we also recommend the high-grade brown rice tea “Fukucha”, which contains black soybeans and soybeans.

It is the perfect tea for the new year because it is customary to boil hot water with the first water on the day of the new year and drink tea from it to pray for good health for the year.

It has a refreshing taste of genmaicha, so it is also recommended when your stomach gets tired from drinking or eating too much.

Both are limited quantities and are popular items that will soon sell out.

Please place your orders and reservations as soon as possible.

Shunpo Tea Garden Sano