A small gift that conveys your feelings

Easy petit gift ♪

When you want to convey your feelings... Do you ever wonder if there is something you can give just right?

Recommended medium series for such times!

From sweets to tea, you can choose according to various scenes!

The most popular sweets are Chacha cookies♪ It is a very popular product that is certified as a Totsuka brand! Contains 5 crunchy cookies with cute leaf shapes. The most popular tea is a tea bag♪ Our store's number 1 popular tea is made into a simple and convenient tea bag with a string. Just the right amount for one cup! Contains 10 pages.

It's easy and easy, and the package is cute ♪

Please use it when you want to give something with your feelings, or when you want to enjoy it for yourself! ! !

We sincerely look forward to your visit.