Haruyoshi Magokoro Newspaper's reaction!

For a limited time until September 20th,

We held a gift campaign for “Shunhoshu Limited Aged Chagetsu no Shizuku Trial 1 Pack”.

As a result, it was very well received by everyone! !

"I used to live nearby, but they said I could get delicious tea!"

"I've been interested in it for a long time, but somehow I don't have a chance to enter"

"I wasn't in our house, but I want to read the Magokoro Shimbun!"

Some people say, "I felt relieved because there was a photo of the president and me."

There were also people who said!

I really felt the anticipation for tea and the anticipation for Shunpo tea garden!

I no longer worry about it (laughs)!

However, I will do my best to create a safe and delicious tea shop that customers want! !

Next month, we will be holding the "Once a year Founding Thanksgiving Day" at Shunpo Tea Garden! !

I plan to send a letter to the newspaper flier and Haruyoshi's regular customers.

Please look forward to it! !

store manager