easy! convenience! tea bag!

Comfortable tea life with easy tea bags!

The tea bag that I introduced on Instagram the other day! Even if you don't have a teapot, you can easily drink it without any trouble.

You can put it in a mug or pot and extract about 500ml with one tea bag! moreover···! Our tea bags can be enjoyed not only by soaking them in hot water, but also by squeezing them out with chopsticks or a spoon to make the tea even more delicious.

There are various flavors such as green tea, genmaicha with matcha, and hojicha, so please choose according to your taste.

It is convenient to put it in your own bottle such as a water bottle and carry it to the company or school ♪

Recommended for those who want to enjoy delicious tea casually!

Please use it♪

We are looking forward to your visit.