This year's freshly picked "new organic barley tea"!

New summer products have arrived at Shunpo Tea Garden! !

The name is "pure domestic organic barley tea"! !

What is amazing about this organic barley tea?

First of all, "Freshness"! 100% new organic 6-row barley from Kanazawa just picked in July this year

I'm using it, so it's freshly made!

And safe and secure! JONA ​​(Japan Organic Natural Foods Association)

It's certified, so you can enjoy it with confidence!

In addition, the manufacturing method is different! ! To create a mellow and rich taste,

By steaming carefully selected raw materials and slowly hot-air roasting at a low temperature,

I pulled out the richness and fragrance!

The price may be a little high, but this barley tea is worth it.

I think there is!

It's really delicious and safe, and it's the best recommended product for this summer! ! !