spring has come

It's been a warm day lately, isn't it?

A customer who came to the store today said that the cherry blossoms will bloom earlier this year.

Well, it's good to have warm days...

Because of that, the pollen is terrible anyway

I myself have a fairly severe hay fever, so every year at this time of year I get depressed just by going outside...

Our "Benifuuki" which we started selling from last year.

At first, I was drinking with the intention of being deceived.

It's not like I'm talking about the products of my own store, but this year, thanks to Benifuuki,

I am having a pretty good day.

What we would like you to know about the features of our Benifuuki are:

It contains 20 mg of methylated catechin per 1 g of sachet.

In addition, by powdering, the methylated catechin is easily extracted,

Moreover, the taste is mild.

If you haven't tried our "Benifuuki" yet,

Please try it.

By the way, I drink every day without fail.

Shunpo Tea Garden Sano