customer's voice

Today, we received the following feedback from a customer about the aroma of tea.

"I work at an office near the store.

The fragrant smell of roasting hojicha is always irresistible! ! Mr. TU

"Sometimes I buy it at the shop, but it always smells good,

All the staff seem to know the product very well.

I don't know which one is better, so I can rely on you.

The shop is also bright and I think it is very beautiful. The tea is also delicious. ] Dear Anonymous

The scent of hojicha, which is roasted on a sunny day, is carried by the wind, and can even reach near the station.

Some customers say, "It smells really good," or "I came here because of the scent."

Please come to the store once when the weather is nice! !

I think it smells like hojicha! ! Staff Sano