Frozen tea sales have ended. New menu will be on sale! looking forward to! !

Thank you for always using Sakuras Totsuka Shunpo Tea Garden. Thank you for always using us! Frozen tea will be discontinued until April. It's not a replacement, but we're planning to sell a new cafe menu! ! An authentic sweets drink made with black honey and mochi! ! Please look forward to it! ! Business hours are until 20:00 The Shunpo Cafe will be open until 18:30. Rich matcha ice cream is available until 17:30 (may be sold out before then). As for the matcha ice cream at Shunpou Cafe, it will be sold as much as it is produced on that day. We will continue to do our best to deliver delicious Japanese tea and special products that allow you to enjoy Japanese tea as much as possible. We will continue to take measures to prevent infectious diseases and operate to make our customers happy. Thank you very much.