How to make delicious tea (Hanamaru Market method)

Today, I introduced how to make delicious tea on Hanamaru Market (TBS morning TV).

In fact, we received an inquiry from a Hanamaru Market staff member about how to make delicious tea. Even so, there are a lot of questions about how to make tea especially recently. (also today)

The contents of "Hanamaru Market" are the contents of "How to make delicious tea (knowledge edition)" and "How to make delicious tea (practice edition)" on our website.

Also, today I received a similar question from the production company that makes TV Osaka programs.

In particular, Japanese tea is a familiar drink, so I think most people know how to brew it. Please refer to it.

"How to make delicious tea (knowledge)" "How to make delicious tea (practice)"

Also, this time, I received a question about the official position of the hole in the teapot lid .

After confirming with the Tokoname pottery

It seems that "the basic is to line up in the shape along the spout" . (It is said that most teapots with carvings or patterns have an air hole on the side of the spout.) Some people said it would be better to turn it upside down. The reason was that it could hold the hot water from spilling out of the hole. Either way, the most important thing is to choose a teapot that does not clog easily.

another thing,

I was also asked if it is more formal to hold the lid of the teapot with one hand or with both hands .

This is our answer ,

"I think it's better to hold it with both hands and put it in."

But why

1. The lid can be held firmly, so the probability of dropping the lid can be reduced.

(We have quite a few customers who come to our shop and ask, “Do you sell just the lid?”)

2 The gesture of pouring tea looks more polite if you handle it carefully with both hands.

(If you are a man, you may use one hand, but if you are a woman, you will look more beautiful if you use both hands.)

3 By holding the teapot firmly with both hands, you can pour out even the last drop.

The advantage of having both hands is the above for the time being.


There are many things

If you come to the shop, it's like having a class on how to make tea every day!

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Manager Goto