Have you tried the "Shincha"?

This year's new tea has the best crops in the past few years, and it has a wonderful aroma and rich flavor that I can confidently say is 'delicious'.

Among the crops, if I were to ask about the item that is most affected by the weather, I would say, "Japanese tea is number one."

This is because they are picked only once a year, and the difference in temperature between seasons, rainfall, and weather conditions contribute to the “deliciousness” of the year. Moreover, the price of tea is 3000 yen at the top and 200 yen at the bottom (100g of our product), which is about 10 times more than the price difference.

Even if you look only at the price difference, there is no product with such a difference in agricultural products.

As I mentioned in the April issue of the Magokoro Shimbun (see the bottom of the blog: How to choose delicious new tea, Part 3), the price of Japanese tea is determined by the picking date (picking season), so the weather It is no exaggeration to say that this blessing determines the price of tea.

Then, the new tea from 2008 is...

The tea picking in the Kikugawa and Kakegawa regions of Shizuoka Prefecture, which is a designated farm of Shunpo Tea Garden, began on April 21st and finished around May 8th.

Looking back, the cold season in February, the moderate amount of rain in March, and the moderately sunny weather from around April 20th to the beginning of May were the perfect conditions for developing the taste of tea. .

I grew up with tea that can be said to be "delicious" as I mentioned at the beginning.

The price of 100g of 100g of first-class tea can be said to be 500 yen or more.

Please read this "Tale of Tea" and drink Japanese tea again.

For you to know this year's "deliciousness of tea".

Owner of Shunpo tea plantation Japanese tea instructor Takeshi Goto

FYI good quality tea prices

Shizuoka region picking price (100g unit)

April 21st to 25th: ¥2000 to ¥1500

April 26th to 29th ・・・ 1200 yen to 1000 yen

May 1st to May 5th: ¥800 to ¥600

May 6th to May 8th ・・・ 600 yen to 500 yen