gift catalog

Sorry to keep you waiting! !

Shunpo Chaen's New Year's gift catalog is ready! !

As you can see from the catalog,

We have new products in this year's gift catalog! !

In addition to "Sencha Whole Yokan" and "Matcha Kudzu",

"Konbucha", "plum kombucha", "cut roasted seaweed", "cut seaweed", and "tea candy"

It is boxed so that you can give a combination gift with tea!

In addition, Shunho winter limited tea "Hospitality", "Haku no Hana", "Danran" and "Fukucha" will be on sale soon! !

Of course we are also taking reservations from now on! !

For Haruyoshi regular card members,

Starting today, we are sending out gift catalogs together with the Haruyoshi Magokoro Newspaper.

We will be uploading Shunho winter limited tea and gift set products on our website soon! !

This winter, warm tea from Shunpo tea garden... Staff Sano