Customer feedback

“Influenced by my father, who was from a tea house, I grew up drinking high-quality tea that my grandmother sent me every day. (So ​​much so that the first word my sister ever said was “tea!”)

After getting married, I couldn't find tea leaves that I was satisfied with, and after my grandmother passed away, I had no way to get my usual tea, and even the habit of drinking tea was fading, but after drinking a cup of tea in the morning, I felt refreshed. When I started looking for tea leaves again because I missed the feeling, I came across Shunpo Tea Garden's tea.

Since my child is small, I don't have the courage to enter the store, so I usually pass by the tea shop. When I dared to take a peek, I was treated to tea and sweets.

We also liked "Taikoban", which we bought at half the price because it was so cheap, and now it's an indispensable drink for us.

I'm sorry to be a customer who always asks for 1,000 yen change, but I look forward to serving you delicious tea in the future. 』


Thank you for your kind words.

“Taikoban” is, as the name suggests, a tea of ​​“Delicious Taikoban”, and is a very popular tea at our store.

Please try it once. Staff Sano