A delicious tea gift! !

The delicious winter is finally approaching!

Shunpo Tea Garden is working hard to catalog and manufacture winter limited products!

And as a winter limited product gift plan

A winter-only Shunhojo Sencha “Omotenashi” 1-infusion pack as a gift

nice to meet you! !

At the store, of course, but if you can email me, I will give you a present.

If you look at the HP, I want it too! ! If you think

Email your name:


Your phone number:

Please fill in and let us know if you would like a 1-infusion pack for the hospitality trial!

At that time, if you have any wishes, opinions, or requests for Shunpo Tea Garden,

I am very happy! !

Email address: info@syunpou.com

We are looking forward to your application! !

Manager Goto