We recommend our specialty roasted green tea♪

It's been a delicious season for tea!

It's getting cooler in the morning and evening. It's the season where warm tea feels more and more delicious!

How about a cup of hojicha on such a day? Freshly roasted fragrant hojicha at the shop Anyone can drink deliciously without caffeine!

While enjoying the aroma while pouring hot boiling water It is recommended to drink it with a strong drink ♪

Our specialty roasted tea... "Kahori" is the finest roasted tea with a refreshing and elegant aroma! "Kongari" is for those who like a strong and dark taste!

Both are very popular♪ Please try it once! !

The shop is finally ready for winter!

Winter limited tea sales will also begin! We will introduce the winter lineup of Shunpo tea garden from time to time. Look forward to it♪

We are looking forward to your visit.