Very popular! Matcha soy latte from Shunpou Cafe♪

Shunpou Cafe’s popular original soy latte

The soy latte series that debuted at Shunpou Cafe from November last year! Would you like to have a drink? ?

There are 3 types, but we would like to introduce the popular matcha flavor! We use the No. 1 popular matcha "Yoshiharu" in Nishio, Aichi Prefecture. We make matcha after receiving an order!

Soy latte's main soy foam uses milk-flavored soymilk with little peculiarity and adds a little sugar. It enhances the taste of tea!

The hot latte, which is popular this time of year, has fluffy bubbles. Some of our customers said that they wanted to scoop it up and eat it because it would be a waste to have a little bit of foam left over!

The trick to drinking is to drink slowly with the lid on, and swirl the cup to integrate the latte and foam! Ice latte features creamy foam! It's smooth and easy to drink, and you can drink it more deliciously by mixing it well!

If you are in the area or if you are interested, please try it once ♪

We sincerely look forward to your visit.