Cold tea tea bag, now available in a new package! !

Shunpo Tea Garden's cold tea bag, which is very popular every summer,

"Momidashi Koicha" has arrived as a new tea bag! !

I named it "Momidashi Koicha" so that you can enjoy the taste of tea even more.

As the name suggests, when it comes out, you can drink it as a really strong and delicious tea! !

You can easily enjoy the taste of real tea with cold water as well as hot water.

"Momidashi thick tea" tea bag.

Three types of "Sencha", "Hojicha", and "Genmaicha with Matcha" are now on sale! !

By the way, I personally like "Genmaicha with matcha" the most (laughs)

If you don't mind, please try it! !

It's definitely cheaper than buying a plastic bottle at a convenience store (laughs).

Staff Sano

PS: If you purchase the recommended summer tea for 3,900 yen or more, we will give you a glass pot that can be used to make delicious cold tea! ! Only until August 15th! ! Please do not miss it!