Sold out! !

Thank you very much for using Shunho Tea Garden.

Haruyoshi's special "Nama-aracha" is sold out! !

We had prepared it as an annual product, but all the raw materials that we had secured for the year have run out.

Please note that it will be gone because it is an agricultural product.

However, if you run out of the tea you always purchase, it will be a great inconvenience to everyone.

We will take care of the same producer in the same production area.

Sencha "Makoto 840 yen" will be sold at "777 yen", the same price as Nama-aracha, as long as the ingredients last.

It's a delicious tea, so please give it a try! !

To be clear , "It's definitely a bargain!!"

We look forward to your order! ! !

Manager Goto