Reservation period extended on May 5th! We accept orders by phone, fax, and web! !

Reservation period extended! 2020 limited new tea reservations now being accepted | [Limited new tea reservations are being accepted! ! Please order from the product list! ]
[How to taste the tea leaves of Shunpo tea garden]

Reservation period extended! Now accepting reservations for 2020 limited fresh tea

We will make it with precious raw materials, This item is a special offer for reservation only.

New products join the ranks this year It has become a product lineup that meets the needs of various people.

First of all, the shop's popular product is a tea bag with a string! "Shincha tea bag with string for first brewing 3g x 30P packed" It's a cup-filling type, so it's convenient when you want to drink quickly or when you want to enjoy tea alone!

And the perfect water tea for the upcoming season!

"Mizudashi fresh tea bag with string for first brewing" 5g x 10P packed

This is a tea bag type with a string made using Fukuoka Yame tea. This is a completely different type of tea from our popular cold tea "Hamakaze". This is a must-order item not only for those who like cold tea, but also for "Hamakaze" fans!

It will be the season of fresh tea again this year. Please try to find your favorite one♪ Feel free to make a reservation from one bottle, so please try the new tea experience!