2019 fresh seaweed has arrived! ! [Yokohama/Totsuka/Tea Specialty Store & Gift Shunho Tea Garden]

About 2019 new seaweed

The Ariake Sea produces about 50% of seaweed in Japan.
It is a shallow sea with tidal differences.
Suminoe Bay in the northern part of the Ariake Sea, where there is a seaweed net in Higashiyoka, Saga Prefecture,
With Kamirokuzan as its source,
Merges with the Utsu River from Tenzan and the Rokkaku River,
It flows into Suminoe Bay.

The Hayatsue River, which is a tributary of the Chikugo River, also flows into the east.
These rivers provide rich nutrients to the fishing grounds.

And even in Ariake Bay, the characteristics of seaweed are different from those in Saga, Fukuoka, and Kumamoto.
Also, in Saga, Higashiyoka, Minamikawasuke, Hiroe, Morodomi, Shiroishi, Kashima, Tara, etc. The quality and characteristics of seaweed differ depending on the beach.

We have a really carefully selected delicious new seaweed this year!
In the nutrient-rich Ariake Sea, blessed by many rivers
Carefully selected seaweed that has been carefully grown on a stilt.

Please enjoy this special dish with plenty of the blessings of the sun and the blessings of the sea!
[Autumn bud carefully selected new seaweed] New Nori Nori Ichiban